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  • Healing/Relief for Sciatic pain for Joy Parker
  • Healing/Direction for Avery Keithley (Torn ACL)
  • Carol Henning - Covid & currently at St Luke's East with Lung Infection
  • Stress and Manager Relationship (Fuller)
  • Comfort & Peace for Cindy Shah & Family on the loss of her grandmother.
  • Comfort & Peace for JoAnn Reagan on the loss of her brother.
  • Comfort & Peace for June Deibel & Family on the passing of Jim
  • Comfort & Peace for Betten Family as they mourn the loss of Lori
  • Philip Stinemetz - Comfort as they mourn the loss of his mother.
  • David Wells - Comfort during the passing of his mother 
  • Healthy pregnancy for Mallory
  • Haiti - Very challenging time for whole country (Keithley/Thomas)
  • Recovery for Kiersten from C Section, Thanks for healthy Baby (Raabe)
  • 5 year old Lola - Andrew's Cousin's Daughter beginning chemo (Werr)
  • Family of Rita Kopp - Peace & Comfort for her passing (Schlagel)
  • Renae Mettler - Prayers for Healing & Recovery from Surgery
  • Brie Bauer - in a coma due to complications during birth (Stratman)
  • Brie Bauer - Baby born @ 27 weeks (Stratman)
  • David Ward - Continued Health Issues, Hope for Neurologist Visit
  • Rita Skaggs - Very Weak following surgery as part of Cancer Treatment
  • Peace & Comfort for Nick Morehead - recently lost father (Fiscus)
  • Healing for Warren Metheny from Broken Hip (Clarks)
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