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Lord of Life’s Early Education Center follows the Kansas Early Learning Standards. These standards guide us on developmentally appropriate practices and focus on learning through play and hands-on activities. The purpose of these standards are to:

  • Create a continuum that links early development to school readiness and later learning in school and life.

  • Provide a clear statement of what young children should know and be able to do as a result of experiencing quality early learning opportunities.

  • Provide guidance for early learning professionals that enhance and support their abilities to create experiences that promote early learning opportunities and support families.

  • Show that during the early years, children acquire skills, knowledge and abilities in all developmental areas (e.g., social-emotional, physical, early literacy, mathematics, music) critical to future learning.


We also work with the NSLA (National Lutheran School Accreditation) Organization, surrounding Lutheran EEC programs and the Blue Valley School District to ensure we are creating quality learning environments and opportunities to prepare children for kindergarten.

If you have any questions about the
Early Education Center, or Lord of Life in general,
please contact us below!
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