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The curriculum at the Lord of Life Early Education Center is designed to provide your child with a well-rounded, early-childhood education that will prepare them as lifelong learners. Your child will participate in the following areas.


Encourages small motor development, expresses feelings and ideas, and presents concepts of shapes, size and location. Good for eye-hand coordination and concepts of symmetry, balance and design. As children use their imagination and creativity, their ideas are valued. A variety of media is introduced.


Christian Education

We believe we exist to Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World. Life lessons and biblical virtues are woven throughout our day using Bible Stories, song and prayer.


Dramatic Play

Encourages social interaction, opportunity to act out emotions, builds self-esteem, promotes creativity, and fosters imagination.


Emergent Reading/Language/Writing

Literary concepts, language and pre-handwriting skills are taught using the Learning Without Tears curriculum, large and small group activities, games and music.



Music encompasses many facets of science, math, foreign language, history, physical education and art. In the early years, it is used to develop a love for different sounds, rhythm, following direction, balance and coordination.


Number Concepts

Shapes, size, length, and location, reading and math readiness activities, cooperating with others (building blocks), problem-solving, motor skills/stacking, reaching, grasping, lifting, balancing and carrying.



Large motor development, playground, indoor gym, lots of equipment, climbing experiences, coordination development and soccer classes.


Science and Social Studies

Independent choices, good nutrition, cooking activities, units of measure, plant life, life cycles of many insects and animals, American culture, multi-cultural customs and government.

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